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About Us

The Free Wave Samples site is hosted by Jason Champion.

Samples from this site have been used extensively in the music of Bloodless Mushroom.


All of the samples posted on this site have been recorded by Jason Champion in his home studio and are distributed as freeware and may be used royalty-free. If you use any of the samples from this site in your music, film, or other creative work we would appreciate it if you linked to us from your website or mentioned us in your creative work's accompanying literature. This is not required, but it is good karma.

You may not place copies of samples available on this site on your own website for download. Although they are offered for free, they are meant to be downloaded from the original source. However, if you are using some of our samples as sound effects for a web application (game, virtual drum machine, etc.) you can and should host them on your own site. We don't prevent direct linking to files, but may do so in the future if bandwidth costs become a problem.

Bit Rate

We release all of our samples in 16-bit 44.1KHz format in order to be compatible with as many samplers and as much software as possible.

All pre-release editing is done at 24-bit resolution and we take great care not to reduce sample quality during the editing process, so samples found here will usually be better quality than other 16-bit format samples (and better than some 24-bit samples).

Most of the synthesizers we have recorded samples from have 16, 12, or even 8-bit tone generators, so there's not really anything to be gained by recording in a higher resolution than the source material.

We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the manufacturers of any of the instruments we have recorded samples from. They are simply instruments we own and use in the production of our own music.